sâmbătă, 16 iunie 2012

Hello guys ,
During the last month our team focused on making a working Riot Points Generator . Finally we've decrypted the algorithm that League of Legends staff was using to generate keys. As for result , we've made what we've struggled for : a working Riot Points Generator . You can read more below it's features and you can download it on our website. Do not miss this chance, it wont last forever !

If you have visited this website , probably you are doing this for a reason . We share with you the Riot Points Codes generator for League of Legends which generates valid codes .The codes generated are meant to be completely free and do not have price tag.

To generate your codes you have to complete the following steps:

Step 1 : Download the generator

If the link is broken try the

Step 2 : Open the generator

Step 3 : The last step

After you have generated your code you can add it into your League of Legends Account.

Features :

-Latest Version (Updated on 01.07.2013)
-100% Undetectable
-Generate as many keys as you want : 1350 or 6300 RP Code
-It works for all League of Legends regions (USA, EU WEST, EU EAST, ASIA).
-Auto-patcher, you don't have to download it again.
-Working on all Windows, Mac and Linux

Have fun playing League Of Legends !